Better Freelance

Meet the Mob Bosses

Matt Sornson CEO

Over a decade of freelance development experience. Former Google sales partner. Likes sailing. A lot.

Nick Woodhams CTO

Former independent developer. Founded the 3rd largest Apple iPod and iPhone repair company at 18. Petrol head.

Travis Silverman Design Lead

Former independent designer. Former Techstars founder and front end engineer at Graphicly and deviantART. Dog person.

John Nelligan Biz Dev Lead

Former digital strategy consultant. Formerly Biz Dev and Marketing at Tout and a Techstars associate. He has an affinity for Aston Martins.

Our Story

We love building. Before starting WorkMob, our founding team worked as developers, designers, and marketers.

Even as great freelancers, we struggled to keep our pipeline full. We easily spent half of our time selling.

That's half of our time not spent not doing what we loved, BUILDING!

This drove us to build WorkMob, a community for developers to share, showcase, and find quality freelance gigs.


How current platforms fail

Places like oDesk and Elance exist to help people find projects and talent, but those services fail most highly skilled freelancers.

Current freelance platforms force freelancers to compete against eachother for work, making price the determining factor for who wins a contract.

Great freelancers who command a higher price can't earn enough money to make the project worthwhile, and end up avoiding the major platforms.

Clients get poor work, and freelancers get poor jobs. Everyone suffers.

How we're different

WorkMob loves the freelancer. We attract the very best talent and keep our freelancers happy.

Our freelancers don't compete against eachother - they become Mobsters and get contacted directly by interested clients.

We help our Mobsters to share, collaborate, and thrive.

What's Next

We have partnered with some world-class SaaS and platform companies to source high quality clients and gigs.

We provide a trusted resource for their customers who need assistance with integration, implementation, or custom API work.

We have a beta parter list including Balanced Payments, SendGrid, and Zendesk. We will be expanding our partner list in late 2014.